About NanoEar



Out of the 360 million people worldwide who suffer from hearing loss, 80% do not adopt hearing aids. The lack of treatment for those with hearing loss can lead to emotional distress, loss of job productivity and cognitive decline. The hearing impaired identify common reasons why they do not adopt today's hearing aids: hearing aids have a stigma indicating a disability, are costly, and are a hassle to use due to the inconvenience of routine battery changes, poor fit, and discomfort.  



NanoEar's solution is a hearing aid that is discrete and delivers superior value to patients addressing their issues with stigma, fit, comfort, and hassle. NanoEar's microsized hearing aid is comparable to an ear tube (tympanostomy tube) in size and method for placing across the eardrum. The NanoEar hearing aid receives sound waves naturally via the ear canal and improves one's hearing by directly stimulating / modulating the eardrum (tympanic membrane).


The Company

NanoEar Corporation Inc. is an early stage start-up company that was founded to pursue and commercialize a new approach to address hearing loss via its proprietary concept. NanoEar's team comprises medical device industry and clinical experts who have been involved in design, commercialization and clinical application of medical devices over the past 20 years.